Yuri, our big Russian stud, remains spread wide and roped to our surf-board like serving counter. Cole enters one of his favorite pain-toys, the pin wheel. First he runs the device from Yuri’s right wrist across his chest to his left wrist. Then he zeros in on the Russian’s nipples, tummy and inner thighs. You can see the utter terror on his handsome face as he moans beautifully through his ball gag. Yuri breaths a sigh of release when the boy puts aside the pin-wheel and work’s his fat cock instead. But as soon as Yuri is semi hard, Cole attacks his cock with the sharp, steel points. Now Cole repeats the process with the electric wand, first torturing the Russian’s muscles, then getting him hard and zapping his cock. Cole loves watching the big, dumb stud drool all over his chest. He leaves him to suffer along – but only after attaching nasty clips to his nipples and the very tip of his uncut cock.

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