Our Russian Commando’s total humiliation continues. His big, thickly muscled body is expertly bound with tight, red rope, at his ankles, wrists, elbows and across his chest. It’s amazing rope work, elegant and effective. The kid enters and immediately cuts off the little undies, leaving Yuri completely naked. Then the boy starts working the big stud’s cock. “Why are you touching me? Why are you touching my dick?” Yuri asks. God, he is stupid, but who cares. He’s not here to solve math problems. He’s here to suffer and look good doing it. And suffer he does. The kid, Cole, pulls out a double-headed slapper. After getting Yuri’s dick hard, he starts smacking his pecs and abs with the slapper, leaving deep welts nearly as red as the ropes. Then Cole ties off his cock and balls. Yuri is totally fucked and helpless.

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