Yuri is a 23-year-old Russian commando, originally from Poland. He has the chiseled Slavic features, curly blonde hair and thick, Eastern European accent to prove it. In uniform, he is a strong, powerful man, a symbol of authority and respect. Now he is stripped to an embarrassingly small codpiece, his big, muscular, nearly naked body displayed like a slab of prime beef. He is tied flat on his back to a round, maple table, unable to free himself, a mere item of desire. Elaborate rope bondage at his wrists and ankles hold him firmly to the table’s chrome base, with just enough slack to let him flex and show off that manly body. Suddenly a beautiful boy, probably half his size, enters and begins to play with his body, caressing his abs, squeezing his nipples and stroking his chest hair. The kid can literally do anything he wants and Yuri – a trained killer – can do nothing to resist. Even when the kid starts to suck his cock.

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