Release Year: 2021
Cast: Lil Dav ,Rico
Genres: Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Condom
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It's not uncommon for the guys i work with to disappear for months at a time. Sometimes they'll move to other cities, "get saved," or settle down with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Other times they'll change numbers, get locked up, or simply decide to quit doing porn after being harassed by family or friends. In a few sad cases, i've never heard from the guys again. From time to time, however, the missing models will suddenly reappear, asking for work like no time has passed!That's exactly what recently happened with the popular but "mia" model lil dav. After trying to get in touch with him for close to a year, i'd honestly given up hope of ever hearing from lil dav again. So imagine my relief and excitement when i got a call from him completely out of the blue, saying he was ready to come back for more!I decided to pair lil dav with rico, another bba model that i'd given up hope of ever hearing from again - only to have him resurface again this past week, saying he'd at least be willing to give fucking a guy another try! I wasn't sure if lil dav's tight, skinny ass would be able to handle a dick like rico's - you might recall lil dav's hilarious reactions to much smaller dicks in his previous scenes. But i was more than eager to see him try!Watch as this sexy "dl" rapper and father of five kids returns for his first scene in over a year and goes the extra mile to show the skeptical straight stud rico just how much fun sex between guys can be!The scene begins with me catching up with rico while lil dav cleans up in the shower. Rico admits that he's feeling a little bit nervous about his second attempt at fucking a guy in the ass. When i ask him to share his first impressions of lil dav, he seems sincerely surprised and even a little bit worried about the fact that lil dav appears so masculine and similar to himself.

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