Brogan, who is used to being feared by others, is terrified, strapped down naked on the bondage table. His screams seem almost panicked as skinny little Joey smacks him hard with the whip, first on his well-defined abs, then on his round, firm ass. Brogan is not sure what to think when Joey sticks a small, metal cylinder device in his butt hole. He has no idea what the thing is or how much pain it can deliver. Then, he feels the electric shock deep in his body. “Get that shit out of my ass!” Brogan screams as the electrified dildo throws the big stud into convulsions. Joey alternates between shocking, whipping and caressing his muscular stud. Brogan looks and sounds absolutely amazing, flexing and clenching, shaking and rolling, moaning and screaming. After a couple hours of torture, the strong, young, street fighter is reduced to a compliant slave who willingly follows his much smaller Master to his next torture.

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