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We find Steven Gold typing away on his laptop, catching up on some work. He's been feeling horny all morning, and he decides to take a break to do something about it. He lifts up his shirt, and begins rubbing his six-pack abs. He starts tweaking his nipples, and they stiffen up as he plays with them. He gropes his manhood through his jeans, and we can see the outline of something growing inside. Steven strips off his shirt, revealing a smooth and tight torso. He pulls down his jeans, exposing the expanding bulge in his underwear. He's obviously hard, and he wastes no time pulling his jeans off completely to get down to business. Steven continues to work his cock through his underwear, as his plump balls pop out on each side. After a couple of minutes of this, he's had enough of the underwear, and off it comes. We finally get to see his rock-hard piece of meat in all of its beautiful, curved, uncut glory. Steven spits in his hand, and starts jacking away. He sits back on the couch with his legs spread wide, jerking his cock as it gets even harder. He pulls it down and releases it a few times, as it snaps back up against his abs with an audible "slap". He turns around and kneels on the couch giving us a shot of his smooth ass, and starts groping it with both hands. He slaps his ass-cheeks a few times, then begins fingering his tight, pink hole. Steven works his hole for a few minutes, then turns back around and continues jerking his meat. His balls are becoming full, and heavy with cum. They tighten up, drawing close to his body. That, and his increasing groans, let us know that he has reached the edge. He finally releases, shooting warm cum on his abs and stomach. He squeezes out every last drop, still rock hard and ready for more.

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