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Newbie Colton Cain hasnt had too many happy ending massages, so when he sits up from Leo Lucketts table and finds him naked, hes a little shocked. He assures him this is all standard, and for , Colton concedes Leos pricing. When Connor Halsted finds himself on the wrong end of yet another break up, he decides to seek some counseling. Donte Thick isnt your typical therapist, preferring a more hands on approach with his clients, and when he meets Connor, he realizes this will be one of his most enjoyable cases yet. Therapist Quentin Gainz doesnt usually allow his personal attraction to seep into his professional life, but when client Ricky Ridges confesses that he likes men, Quentins own urges trigger and he finds himself moving closer to him. With Scott Finn laid out, Zak Bishop has free reign to do whatever he wants to the perfect body in front of him, and as he begins to run his hands up and down Scotts body, both guys begin to get super horny.

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