Release Year: 2007
Cast: Brendan Davies, Brock Hatcher, Hank Dutch, Huessein, Piero Sias, Shane Alexander, Trey Casteel, Trojan Rock and Xerxes
Genres: sm, leather, bodybuilders, anal, oral, group
Video language: English

J.D. Slater, that madman of raunch and muscle, is back. Pumping up the volume and testosterone for another stunning display of macho sex, aided and abetted by co-conspirator Jake Deckard. The harsh fucking and sucking is as potent as ever for Mr. Slater for the main flick, and Mr. Deckard is given the opportunity to truly shine hands-on (and mouth-on and ass-on) as an auteur during the behind-the-scenes footage. But the three-act master-fuck of a flick proper contains some of J.D.'s best work to date -- the five-man finale is fucking genius. The three-way opener begins with a trio of brawny dudes stroking their cocks -- watching, wanting. Huessein soon moves toward his prey, Piero Sias, and then Shane Alexander joins the klatch, the men kissing and hugging in a tight knot. This formation puts into perspective just how big Shane is, tall and ring-titted, his V-shaped body towering over his shorter-in-stature fuck buddies. But Huessein and Piero are sexual giants, attacking the big man with their hands and mouths with big appetites for muscle bear. Piero feasting on Shane's dong as Huessein bumps against Piero's considerable butt. Huessein then goes full throttle, sucking Piero and Shane's buttholes in quick succession, then mounting and fucking the twice-his-size Shane. Huessein pushes Shane's legs up and just fucks away, it's insanely hot, Huessein's super-hard bone blasting in and out of the biggest motherfucker in the room, Shane groaning in ecstasy with each hard thrust. Then, even more incredibly, Piero doggy-fucks Shane, Huessein twisting Shane's nipples as Piero fucks away. Piero then fucks Shane missionary, Huessein going back for seconds, this time doggy. Piero sits and spins next, bouncing up and down on Huessein's ever-hard cock, taking it doggy and finally missionary. Piero hooks up with Trojan Rock in the next scene -- another tall drink of water (I think I know what Piero likes!). Thirsty for cock, he gulps down Trojan's very long uncut dick in the prelude to the fuck, Trojan's photogenic prick shown in flattering (and mouth-watering) close-up. Piero sucks it hard, Trojan staring down at his charge as his long cock get longer, his big cockhead flaring. Favor for favor, Trojan gets face-fucked by Piero's uncut wanker, Trojan pulling at Piero's generous foreskin with his teeth in a manner that suggests he loves foreskin. Trojan then fucks and rims Piero every which way but loose atop a big cube in the middle of the room. Piero jerks himself off with Trojan's cock back in his mouth, gobs of cum splashing all over his fist as he frantically jacks and heaves in a manner that suggests he loves big cocks in his mouth. Pleased, Trojan shoots his spunk all over Piero's furry tum-tum. Three plus two equals five. The big-ass finale is nothing short of phenomenal: five spectacular muscle studs gettin' it done. Brendan Davies, Xerxes and Hank Dutch (three muscled and hung men), in the middle of the room on a cube, and, over in the corner, Trey Casteel and Brock Hatcher (two muscled and hung men). Brendan, Xerxes and Hank feast on each other's bodies, cocks and buttholes with sweaty abandon. Ditto for Trey and Brock. And, make no mistake, the cocksucking and rimming is not perfunctory or ordinary in any way -- these men open their throats wide and gorge on hard cock, spread asscheeks apart to deeply savor hole of the ass. The fucking tops it all, however. Trey fucking big-boy Brock in a sling with his big dick, and Xerxes and Hank slam-fucking Brendan so hard and for so long that it's making my dick hard again just thinking about it as I write these words. Xerxes eventually fucks the cum out of Brendan as Hank massages his pecs and pulls on his nips. The guys gather to watch as Hank and Xerxes fuck Trey, Xerxes blasting Trey's ass so hard he cums, then Xerxes, and finally Hank dumps his scum on Trey's sweaty neck. DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; high-definition master; behind-the-scenes footage (Jake Deckard hosts some of the best behind-the-scenes footage I've ever seen, roaming about the set and Raging Stallion's campus, chatting up and sexing up the men, mostly as the hottest fluffer in the world, ending the whole affair as he gets ready for a well-deserved butt-fuck); trailers ("Centurion Muscle," "Centurion Muscle II: Alpha" and "Centurion Muscle III: Omega"); music remix (J.D. Slater's "Rangers"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

Format: avi
Duration: 1:26:49
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1170kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 870.9 MB