Young Riley’s lean, milky body is covered with rope burns and whip marks. He is roped wrists to ankles, kneeling, completely naked, to a small, wood platform known as a “boy seat,” given its name because it is not simply a seat, but a seat with a steel dowel, tipped with a steel ball, in the middle of it. Rope man J.J. grabs Riley by his shaggy mass of hair and lifts him up over the steel ball, then forces the boy to impale himself on it. Riley, moaning from the effects of the cold steel up his ass, looks amazing, his body trembling, back arched, gagged. Rope man J.J. nooses Riley’s cock and lifts the boy up and down, forcing him to fuck himself. Then J.J. ropes the kid in place, the steel up his ass, before jerking him off.

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