Release Year: 2021
Cast: Michael Galletta ,Rico
Genres: Big Dick ,Cherry-Popping
Video language: English

It's hard to believe just how far rico has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When rico first showed up for his solo audition nearly one year ago, he'd never even been naked in front of another guy, let alone sexually intimate with one! And even after i finally persuaded him to give "gay for pay" porn a try, rico still refused to do something as simple as touch another guy's dick!
We've witnessed some shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the sexy straight stud since that awkward and hesitant beginning. We've watched rico let another man touch his naked body and lick his ass for the very first time. We've seen him try fucking a guy in the ass. We've even watched in stunned disbelief as rico put a dick in his mouth for the very first time! Now watch as rico takes on the ultimate "gay for pay" challenge by attempting anal penetration for the very first time!This is a scene that i seriously doubted i could ever make happen. Anal penetration is a whole new level of "gayness" to which most straight black males will refuse to go. Taking anything up their butts - even something other than dick - is viewed as a sign of weakness and femininity, the ultimate sacrifice of one's pride and manhood. When i've contacted rico in the past about trying fingers, dildos, and⁄or dick, he has either ignored me completely or flat-out refused. But i'm known for being both patient and persistent - especially when the prize i'm pursuing is a straight black boy's tight virgin ass! And lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off!I sent rico a text completely out of the blue just a few days ago, hoping he might at least nibble at the bait this time. I guess i must have caught him at just the right time - in other words, broke and needing some quick cash - because just a few hours later he was sitting on my futon, shaking his head in dazed disbelief as he prepared to take his "gay for pay" adventures to a whole new level....

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