Release Year: 2021
Cast: Dragon ,Rico
Genres: Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Condom
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I knew that rico had been a little overwhelmed by his first gay scene. It might not seem like a lot to the average gay viewer, but trust me when i say that letting another man feel up his body, play with his dick, and then lick his ass was a really big deal for a straight boy like rico! I had actually tried to get rico to go even further that day, but when he refused my request for a simple handjob as part of the scene, i knew it was going to require a lot of patience, persistence, and one hell of a generous paycheck if i ever wanted to see rico do more than just get touched by another man!I waited over a week before approaching rico with the idea of doing another gay-for-pay scene. At first he turned me down, but later called me back saying that he'd changed his mind and needed the money badly enough to give what i was suggesting a try. This time i wanted to pair rico with one of my younger and more attractive black models, so i called up dragon and asked if he wanted to help me "turn out" another straight boy - or at least get the process started!It's a day of hot and memorable "firsts" for bba's newest straight boy when he returns to take things to a whole new level - including getting his dick sucked by another male, undressing and touching another guy's body, and fucking another guy in the ass! There's also an exciting twist near the end that you really have to see to believe!The scene begins with rico being interviewed while dragon cleans up in the shower.When i ask rico how he's feeling about doing his first hardcore gay action scene, he tells me that he's tried to avoid thinking too much about it beforehand."i've been anxious to just get here and get it done," he explains. "i'm a little anxious to see how i'm going to react to it, 'cause i don't quite know!"

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