Studio: Pantheon Productions

Suited for Sex brings you nine sexy men and shows them getting off in and out of their suits and ties. More of your favorites like Jay Taylor and Rik Kappus as well as several hot-daddy new-cummers.
1. Rik Kappus, Kegan Daniels
Rik has just finished getting dressed in the gym locker room when he spies Kegan. He cant resist the tall, horse-hung redhead, so he pulls on Kegans tie to bring him a little closer. Watch as Rik gives Kegan a ride he wont forget over the locker room bench.
2. Jay Taylor, Brent V.
Jay is lolling in his window when suit-daddy Brent goes walking by. He manages to get Brents attention...and then they proceed to have a nooner right in the front window of Jays house. Brent is in taking Jays big cock.
3. Dallas, Jordan Garrison, Jackson Rivers
Bad-boy Dallas bumps into daddies Jackson and Jordan as they are walking down the street. They follow him and make him apologize for his rudeness...although hes definitely not sorry by the time this hot three-way is through.
4. Brent V., Jaren Taylor
Jaren picks up Brent online and Brent comes by to unzip Jarens slacks to see just how big his dick is. Hes definitely not disappointed and gets right down to taking care of Jarens big package.
5. Jay Church, Jay Taylor
Jay Church cruises Jay Taylor walking down the street and invites him up to get naked. The two Jays have a hot and sweaty romp before the day is through.

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