Release Year: 2022
Studio: All Worlds

Fortunately for Tom, Coach Cain is a qualified sports physio who's quick to frog march Tom to his office the moment the boy badly lands one of his trademark cartwheels.
It's pretty obviously a groin strain. If Cain had a dollar for every time Tom strained his groin, he'd be a wealthy man. The boy claims his previous injury is playing up again. He's no idea that the coach was watching him showing off and saw him landing flat on his face! In any case, a quick, deep-tissue massage should get him back on his feet.
Knowing a student is having a sexual response to your touch can generate a multitude of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts, especially when, like Cain, you've a bit of a penchant for younger men.
Since arriving, Coach Cain has occasionally enjoyed watching Tom. When he's not dicking around and causing mischief, he proves to be quite enticing; cute little butt and plainly quite a big package for a boy of his lean physique… And seeing Tom hard makes the coach hard.

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