Alone one Friday night, Master Tanner decides to call his friend Cody — a sexy, young, blonde stud — to see if he’d like to try out some new toys in the dungeon. “Wow!” Cody, thinks to himself, totally turned on by the idea but also very scared. After hesitating for a moment, he agrees and heads right over to the dungeon. To start, Master Tanner straps his toned friend to the X-cross and begins to flog him. Cody is in real pain and wants his friend to stop beating him, but he’s also turned on and secretly wants to pain to continue. “Come on man, let me go,” insists Cody while trying his hardest not to show any obvious signs of pleasure. “You do this for me, and I’ll do something for you,” Master Tanner replies, then shoves a horse bit into his boy’s mouth to shut him up. Soon, Cody’s excitement over this intense mixture of pain and pleasure begins to overwhelm him as Master Tanner’s punishments grow more and more severe.

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