Suspended in the air with his Master whipping him repeatedly, Damien grows more weary with each passing minute. With the little bit of energy he has left, Damien kicks at his Master, instigating another round of violent blows from his leather floggers. Finally, when Damien’s smooth latin body has been beaten a nice flush pink, Master Joey moves the fuck bench over to his slave, prepping him for some more fun. With Damien strapped to the bench, Master Joey makes his move, shoving his fat cock in the boy’s face. To his surprise, Damien sucks on his dick like an old pro, eagerly trying to please his Master. As Damien deep-throats his Master, he can feel the dick slowly hardening down his throat, which excites him even more. Joey is in absolute bliss. His cock now rock hard, he face-fucks his hot little Latin slave-boy, moaning the whole way through.

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