Muscular Damien lies exhausted on the bondage table after enduring hours of torture, but Master Joey is just getting warmed up. He attaches Damien’s arms to the suspension crane and lifts him into the air. “I like my boys swinging!” Joey exclaims, spinning Damien around as he hangs helplessly by his wrists, then smacking him hard with the leather crop. Master Joey loves every minute of it, especially when Damien’s massive cock starts getting hard. Smirking, he taunts his slave boy, smacking his toned body until it’s bright red, then caressing it gently as Damien moans. Now Joey is really turned on. With his own cock rock hard inside his pants, he double-whips Damien, smacking him on both sides of his body simultaneously with two nasty floggers. “We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!” Joey announces between beatings. “The part where I fuck you!”

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