With gobs of hot wax already hardening on Damien’s abs, Master Joey decides to give him another searing coat of pain. Damien buckles and screams as the new wax hits his skin, his cries of anguish muffled by the horse bit crammed into his mouth. After a few fresh layers of wax are added, Master Joey starts to rip it off, using his favorite toys. Starting with the crop, Joey smacks Damien across his wax-coated stomach sending pieces of wax flying across the room. He then moves on to a leather paddle, smacking of the wax, then flipping Damien over and beating his ass cheeks. The pain proves to be almost unbearable for the thieving little twink. In the midst of his suffering, Damien can hear a police car in the distance. “They’re finally coming for me!” he tells himself as the sound of sirens draw closer. To Damien’s horror, the squad car simply passes by. No rescuers are coming. It is just him and his Master — and it’s going to be a very long night!

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