Jessie, a hot blonde, has always secretly wanted to explore the world of bondage. He finally has enough courage to browse the local sex shop with its large selection of whips, chains, gags, leather and strange torture items. Jessie is throbbing with nervousness and excitement when he picks up one of the whips on display. He wants to know what it would feel like to hit his body, hard, with this thing. He’s way too embarrassed (and low on cash) to go to the counter and actually buy the whip, so he tries to hide it in his hoddie. Little does he know that Robert, one of the store’s owners, is watching his every move. He approaches the young teen and confronts him. Jessie admits he was trying to steal but tries to talk his way out of it, thinking his good looks and charm will once again get him out of trouble. But Robert will have none of it. He grabs the hot twink and pulls him into the “back room.” He’s gonna teach Jessie a lesson he’ll never forget – using the exact whip the kid was just trying to steal! Jesse is absolutely terrified – and totally excited, even as he pretends to not like what is happening to him.

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