Studio: Menoboy

Montpellier is a hot spot for gay guys. Night and day, they they tour bars looking for hookups and big dicks. A customer, John Despe, the gogo, Amir Djeda and the bar tender, Phoenix Jones are having some fun with a few tourists visiting the city.
Breaking an Arab Ass in the Restroom
In the restroom of a bar in Montpellier, John Despe runs into a hottie, on his way out. Amir Djeda gets his ass drilled, right away, without a word. To keep him from being too loud, John puts his hand on Amirs mouth, muffling his screams of pleasure, but almost sing him as well. Mister Despe loves it. He fucks him in every possible spot: up against the shelves, on the ground as well as on a chair. A super exciting video, shot under real conditions.
Looking for a Hot hookup at a Bar
If you think that Emilien Piresse is just here for a drink, you are wrong. He is here to cruise the bar tender, Jerà´me Diaz. Not indifferent to the twinks advances, Jerome closes the bar and decides to get anally fucked by Emilien.
Garçon, Can I Have the Check, Sil Vous Plait
Emilien and Jerà´me are having a drink at Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier. As usual, Emilien is horny as hell. He wants to have sex so, he asks Jerome Diaz to go down on him against the counter in order to give the bar tender a hard-on. Phoenix Jones does not shy away. He jumps on the counter and whips out his shaft in front of Emiliens mouth for him to suck on it. Then, Phoenix and Emilien Piresse bang Jerome on the counter. Finally, Jerà´me gets a facial cum shot from Emilien.
Brace Yourself Amir...
John Despe and Jessy Dog are at Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier. John knows the Arab gogo who is pole dancing on the stage. He tells his friend, Jessy Dog, that he has already fucked the young hottie in the restroom of another bar. So, John makes a suggestion: that the two of them fuck young Amir. Jessy is pretty reluctant because he is not really into guys asses. But soon, he caves in. Amir is getting pounded hard by em
The Fucked Fucker
Well-hung fucker John Despe gets conned by a twink. Yes indeed, he gives his ass to Matthew Bart. In the cage, on the patio ofVilla Rouge, Montpelliers renowned gay club, John has to clench his jaw and to spread his legs. Be brave, John. It is nice to be bottomed every now and then.
Super Horny Amir Djeda
It is summer time in Montpellier ans Amir Djeda is going for drink at Villa Rouge, a well-known gay club. On the patio, he bumps into the waiter, Phoenix Jones, another actor from Menoboy.

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