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When his ear-buds pull out and signal to the rest of the house that hes in his room watching porn, Aspen shouldve known to expect step- Princeton Price shortly after. Aspen likes to pretend it will be the last time, but Princeton knows he cant say no to his step-s sweet cock. With their parents gone for the weekend, Leeroy Jones and Elliot Finn both have party visions in their future, but before they can make the invite list, theres a bit of a pre-party happening already. They engage in a little familial bet with some hard stakes and a potentially messy outcome. Jake Porter knows the tease is tempting to his new family member, but he had no idea the depths to which Ryan Jordan would sink to get his first whiff of cock until he finds him underneath the bed, clutching Jakes freshly discarded underwear. Step-s Johnny B and Dalton Riley are still getting used to each others presence since their parents married. Dalton has never considered being with another guy before, much less his step-, but when Johnny persists, Dalton finds himself suddenly tempted by the allure of some family fun.

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