Master Cody thinks it’s time to introduce Angel to something a little more intense. He ties his shaken little bitch boy down to the torture table. “What are you doing?” Angel asks, his voice trembling. “You’ll see real fucking fast,” Cody replies, smirking to himself as he attaches two electrodes to his boy – one metal piercing in Angel’s pieced nipple, the other to the piercing in his navel. Then Cody pushes the button on the battery pack feeding the electrodes with current. Angel screams bloody . It’s the worse pain he has ever felt, arching has back and shaking involuntarily. “C’mon, dude! Please stop!” he pleads with his dominating Master as he struggles to catch his breath. Cody just laughs – then turns up the voltage up even higher and shocks Angel over and over again. This is just way too much fun to stop.

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