Studio: All American Heroes

Its time for a refresher course in CPR as Logan shows Seth how to save a life. To demonstrate, Logan has Seth lay on the floor at his feet. Logan begins his routine on checking for pulse, breath, and heartbeat. Then he begins gently pressing on Seths chest before leaning in to give him the breath of life. Seth takes the opportunity to get a good deep kiss from Logan, who doesnt seem to mind. As they make out on the floor, Logans hand makes its way down Seths flat tummy to his crotch. Seth rises to his knees and the two of them suck face and fondle each other from head to toe. Seth pops Logans cock out of his pants and deep throats it immediately before slurping on his balls. Logan grabs the back of his head and s his head down, causing Seth to gag on his dick. As the grateful bottom slobbers and grunts his satisfaction, he eases his pants down; revealing and round tan ass. When Logan sees the perfect globes of flesh, he cant resist having a taste. Kneeling behind Seth, he shoves his tongue deep inside the sphincter while gripping his thighs to pull him closer. He works a finger or two into the hole as he spits and tongues it, making Seth moan in anticipation. Logan finally gives him what he wants by sliding his stiff dick inside the tight man cave. Soon Logan is pounding away while Seth groans and looks back over his shoulder at his ass master. Logan leans in and gently kisses him before continuing the deep fucking. Throwing Seth onto his back, Logan shoves it in while looking deep into his bottoms eyes. Occasionally, Logan will slow down and lean in for another kiss before smashing Seths prostate even more. Logan sits back and tells Seth to ride him. Seth obediently climbs on and begins bucking like a bronco with Logans dick deep inside his guts. Soon, Seth is shooting his thick cum onto Logans stomach while still riding him. Logan reaches down and swabs a gob of it with his thumb, which he then shoves in his mouth for a taste. He feeds a little to Seth, who snowballs it back to Logan. Seth then kneels, waiting for Logan to unload. Hes rewarding with a giant wad of jizz on his tongue. Seth happily cleans the remaining drops of semen with his mouth before another snowball with his buddy.

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