Studio: San Diego Boy

1. Shipmates kicking back, 19 year olds Allen and Mitsuo decide to try something new. They have secretly been fucking on ship, this time they want to do it in front of a camera and turn you on. They begin with some deep passionate kissing, and sucking each others cock. Mitsuo then orders Allen to get on his knees to be fucked bareback. They are both eager to please one another and dont hesitate one bit. Mitsou plows his bare cock up Allens ass. Allen then decide he wants to ride it, he rides it up and down squeezing his hole tight, they kiss passionately as Mitsou feeds it to him. Then into the shower were they continue to fuck. Now it is Mitsuos turn to get a taste of Allens bare cock up his ass. As if they both did not get enough cock, the two sailors reach over for the cameramens cock. Tag team sucking until they make the cameramans cock explode. Then they both work on there own cocks and blow their loads. The scene concludes with a photo montage.
2. Watch as these two military studs pose for the camera, as they get each other hot and ready. Things get pretty heated-up during their photo shoot. Things even get hotter up in the bedroom. They toss each other around the bed, while their lips are locked together. They both get into a 69 position, with Tiger on top. Tonys a 20 year old marine, gets his asshole spread wide open by Tiger a 19 year old navy sailor. As he spreads his virgin hole, Allen buries his tongue and finger in him. Tony moans with pleasure and demands more. Allen just loves to eat his hole out and suck his marine meat. He gently tortures his balls while he spitting into his ass. All this to warm Tonys ass for Tigers thick rod. Tiger shoves his rod up Tonys virgin hole and just cant get enough, they try several different positions before climax. Tiger demands to taste and eat Tonys sperm, so he cums on his face and open mouth. They both lick it up! The Scene ends with a photo montage.
3. You asked for him, hes back! Cam is back once again and harder than ever. Steve, is the lucky one, a fellow marine. Things get really heated up during Steves and Cams photo shoot with some cocksucking, nipple play and kissing at hand. They both dont waste anytime, and are eager to get started. Steves wants it now! They move over to the couch, Steve spreads his ass and sits right down on Cams stiff throbbing cock and takes it for a long ride. Cams cock just never gives up. In the bedroom fucking, sucking, and more fucking continues. Steve moans with enjoyment aahhh ahhh, yeah fuck my ass. As, Cam gets close to blowing his load, he says you want to eat my cum, you want it Steve replies, yes feed it to me Cam pulls out and positions him-self over his face, as he shoots a huge load into Steves mouth, swallowing down every last drop. The scene ends with a photo montage.
4. Shipmates Mitsuo and Allen are back to give you more in front of the fireplace. This time Mitsuo takes it all. These 19-year-old barebackin sailors fuck like theirs no tomorrow. Mitsuo on his back, Allen deep fucks him as he moans and groans with pleasure asking Allen to fuck him good and deep.

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