Marcus believes he is so clever. Marcus saw Mr. Steele and his king-size , Marcus, and knew that he had to find a reason for him to return to the shop. It seemed easy to make holes in an old pair if pants!
Marcus was immediately swollen by Mr. Steele. Marcus was able to see that Mr. Steele was available for big/small actions by looking down.
While they are passionately kissing, Mr. Steele takes Marcus down. Marcus senses Mr. Steele's hard cock against him, despite the fact that he is wearing many layers of clothes. He decides to give Mr. Steele a chance and have a bite. Marcus is rock-hard, and Mr. Steele is ready to serve Marcus. Although Marcus is small, his mouth opens wide to Mr. Steele. His giant moans in approval. This boy has a great combination of tongue and throat!
Although the tailor can do this for hours, he has a better idea for what he wants to use his large tool. Marcus is picked up by Mr. Steel with no difficulty. He shows off his strength and turns him around so that Mr. Steele can give Marcus a turn.

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