Release Year: 2001
Studio: Mustang Studios
Cast: Marcus Iron, Bryce Pierce, Buck Philips, Robert Black, Sam Dixon, Mark Evrett, Tuck Johnson
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Group, Cumshot

Lube, cockrings, action! This offering from Mustang Studios offers plenty of sweaty man sex, performed by some of the yummiest studs in the Mustang/Falcon stable. After a brief introduction of the guys (filmed at a San Francisco sidewalk café), Buck and Robert make their way to some anonymous pantry and get nasty. Buck, looking extremely fit, fuzzy and frisky, moistens his stiff prick with Robert’s mouth before laying back on the floor to allow smooth 'n muscular Robert to face fuck him from above. In a surprising turn, hunky Buck bends over to allow Robert to glide his bare cock along his butt trench, then takes the latex-wrapped pole all the way while propped up on some cardboard boxes. Next, in some random bedroom, we spy on Mark Evrett as he’s deep-throating Marcus Iron’s luscious meat while tightly gripping his bulbous nuts. After the throat fucking, the guys assume the 69 position and continue to chug cock and suck balls; Marcus gets to tea-bag Mark’s throat with his low-hangers while straddling his face.Cut to Marcus, three knuckles deep into the two-finger heinie poke, preparing Mark for imminent insertion of his curvaceous eight-iron. I must say, Marcus looks as scrumptious as ever (especially with his faint goatee), but he seems to be having a difficult time staying rock hard. Nevertheless, he plows Mark properly and they both soon blow thick creamy wads of man goo all over the bed sheets.We then join Sam and Tuck as they’re finishing their dinner, preparing to have each other’s cock for dessert. After some slobbery penis swallowing, Sam tucks his grand wiener deep between Tuck’s spread ass cheeks and fucks him like a champ. They both conjure creamy loads, and then Tuck dashes out the door for work.Tuck works at the local porno shop, and as soon as he arrives for his shift, he’s servicing Marcus and rugged leather dy Bryce Pierce on the floor in front of a giant wall of porno videos (in an economical instance of cross-promotion, most of the visible boxes are for Falcon/Mustang hits). Bryce, decked out in a leather thong thingy and wielding his big multiple-pierced cock, plows into Tuck as Tuck feasts on Marcus’ stiffening branch and plump berries. Bryce enjoys a hearty fuck, swinging his hips wildly while riding Tuck’s milky white ass. Then, Marcus tops versatile Bryce while having his bum licked by Tuck. Despite the cock ring he’s wearing, Marcus doesn’t seem to ever achieve a full-fledged hard-on, yet manages to fuck Bryce’s hole exquisitely. His climactic surge of thick man juice is filmed from a low angle, allowing his stream of cream to arc impressively towards the screen. It’s a delicious highlight you’ll replay over and over.Technical aspects are first-rate. Notably, the wide variety of brief camera anglesbined with the crisp editing prevents any of this suck-and-fuck action from getting tedious.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:16:56
Video: 1080x720, XviD, 3809kbps
Audio: 109kbps

File size: 2.2 GB