Release Year: 2010
Studio: Super Three
Video language: English

Urban demons feeding on the bodies of young people!
[Nasty Boy Wings (19) slave contract]
It is my slave from today ... that, from the moment I spit words, to the wing dick
I felt the pouring. The dick of the wings swells, and the anus is already crazy.
Every time it is scolded, good will come. Stir in a row of cocks lined up one after another, compare the taste!
"Hey, what cock is delicious?"
It's slimy anal. It's like a woman!
If you conclude a slave contract, you will be sucked to the back of the hole.
[Goldy muscle transformation man Toru (25) slave contract]
I will do anything for money. Contract established! Toru turned into a hole slave from that moment.
Men who gather in Toru's trained body! Clean the black lighted Mara with your tongue!
Carefully clean until the dirt is removed! When it's clean, your dirty face and tongue
Piss shower. The finish is Thaiman sex with me. Let's raise the dense time to you!
Toru's extra fat Mara is delicious! If you chase the chrysanthemum hole, the expression of the struggle is unbearable!

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