A super hot boy lying back on a bench wearing nothing but a skin-tight T-shirt and a sexy jock strap, arching his back, pulling up his shirt, working his cock – a scene of pure seduction, made even hotter when you notice the blood on the board on which he is splayed and the prison cell behind him. This young, Italian model is not just unbelievably hot and trying desperately to be sexy; he’s in danger – and he knows it. Minutes later Luca is roped to the bench in an elaborate hog-tie, a look of terror on his face. Luca is here for one reason: to suffer, but he has no idea what is about to happen. “Why do you do that?” he says, in broken English, when rope man J.J. rips open his shirt. Then the whipping begins, with not one, but two, floggers.

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