Young stud Jordan is roped to a steel ladder dangling in midair – at just the right height for rope man J.J. to have full access to his beefy body. J.J. shows up with a couple pockets’ full of clothespins, placing them one at a time around Jordan’s meaty pecs until they are completely ringed with pins. The college boy whimpers and moans through his tape gag as the pins cause a surprising amount of pain. He struggles and shakes, but the ropes are too tight; all he succeeds in doing is getting the ladder to sway back and forth like a pendulum. J.J. especially enjoys Jordan’s muffled screams as he places the final two pins on his boy’s nipples. Now let’s get a look at that cock. Nice! Of course, J.J. doesn’t just look: he rings Jordan’s ball sack with pins – and then adds an extra nasty one right on the tip of his cock.

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