Jared, naked except for a tight muscle shirt, is on a chair, his powerful legs awkwardly bent behind steel chair arms, fully exposing his cock and balls. Rope man Matt enters with his red and white nylon rope and ties Jared’s forearms and ankles to the steel frame, as Jared slowly regains consciousness. “Get off me, you fucking pervert,” Jared snarls as Matt fondles his muscular torso and pulls up his shirt. “Let me fucking go!” Jared bellows, helpless, as Matt rips open his shirt and painfully squeezes and twists his nipples. Soon what’s left of Jared’s A-shirt is shoved in his mouth as a gag – punishment for smarting off. Matt just loves Jared’s amazingly lean, muscular body. His abs and pecs flex hard as Matt beats them with his flogger, stopping every once and a while to stroke those perfect muscles or twist those hard nipples. Now it’s time to give that beautiful cock some attention and get this stud good and hard.

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