If you think Jared looks good spread out on his back, his abs and pecs flexing, his dick rock hard, even while being tortured, wait until you see him this week, stretched out on his stomach. This stud has the perfect ass – two mounds of living marble that taper down to a trim waist, topping off two massive legs. After flipping Jared over, Matt displays that magnificent ass perfectly, spreading Jared’s legs wide, forcing his muscular cheeks apart and exposing his quivering butt hole. Jared flexes and squirms, showing off that ass like nobody’s business, as Matt continues to torture him with the pinwheel, dragging it up and down his inner thighs. Then he attacks Jared’s ass with his flogger. Jared screams and moans through his ball gag, adding audial delights to the visual feast he’s already providing.

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