Matt continues to torture Jared, pricking the stud’s inner thighs and rippling muscles with the pinwheel, then attaching nasty little spring-loaded clamps onto his cock and nipples, making Jared moan in pain and shocked disbelief. Then he unties Jared’s spread arms and forces him into a sitting position, pulling his arms behind his back and tying them tight. Jared fights back, but is too unstable with his legs spread so wide, to do much more than pull the clamps off his nipples. Now he is going to pay for his little act of resistance. Matt replaces the moderately painful, mini-sized nipple clamps with much larger – and much nastier – clamps that turn Jared’s moans into screams. God, this young stud looks good, the bound arms behind his back arching his torso, stretching his stomach flat, while also letting him sit up and flex those amazing abs. The perfect package of pain and beauty.

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