Release Year: 2021
Cast: Trae
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Trae is a handsome, 22-year-old straight guy who loves porn, pussy, and sports. He played college football before being injured, and now plays as a "wide receiver" for a semi-professional league. With his "pretty boy" looks and athletic physique, this "all-american" jock is (not surprisingly) quite popular with the ladies!Trae told me that he's "straight as an arrow," and made it clear from the start that he only wanted to do scenes with females! Trae's father and doctor are the only other men who've seen him naked before now, so doing something like this was a pretty big deal for the sexy straight jock! But lucky for us, even aspiring straight "porn stars" can be convinced to start with a solo "audition"! And after thinking it over, trae figured why not get paid to do something he already does every day for free?Trae's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with bba's newest straight stud. And thanks to trae's outgoing personality and great sense of humor, it turns out to be one of the most entertaining interviews i've filmed in awhile!Trae tells an interesting story about being introduced to porn for the very first time when he was only 8 years old, and the ways that early exposure has shaped his sexual fantasies and expectations ever since. "i'm basically the product of what happens when you let your child watch porn before he's old enough to vote!" he jokes.He also tells the story about losing his virginity when he was 16, and estimates that he's slept with at least 25 women since that time. He talks about the types of women he finds most attractive, his favorite part of the female body, and his favorite sexual position. He says that he's received so many compliments on his skills in the bedroom that he finally decided to try making money doing what he does best!

Trae admits that his "pretty boy" looks and open-minded attitude frequently attract unwanted sexual advances from gay and bisexual men, and it's amusing to hear him explain how he usually handles such awkward situations.

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