Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Steve Cruz, Damien Crosse, Luke Hass, RJ Danvers, Scott Tanner, Tristan Phoenix
Genres: Latin, Hairy, Hunks, Threeways, Uncut, Beards, Beefcake, Horsehung, Jockstraps, Rimming, Masturbation

Every Year Raging Stallion goes the extra mile to make moves that will stand the test of time: Arabesque, Mirage, Grunts, and Manifesto are just some examples of our blockbuster hit movies that set the standard for Top Shelf porn! Nowes Hotter Than Hell, our major blockbuster release for summer 2008. This is a movie you cannot afford to miss! If you don't get Hotter Than Hell NOW, your cock will hate you forever! Don't let your dick down!!!
Steve Cruz is burning up with desire. Among the dirt and mess of his apartment Steve is jerking off to the image of a man he has been stalking. As he eagerly masturbates, Steve's TV screen is filled by the beauty of his crush, Damien Crosse. With Damien consuming his brain and the TV screen Steve works up a load and covers his furry abs. A few days later at the gym Steve is drying off when Damien walks in. After a short conversation Damien reacts with a bit of violence and Steve is left rejected.
At the local gay bar Luke Hass, Scott Tanner and Tristan Phoenix slip into the back room before diving into each other. Tristan is on the younger side and eager to fill his sexual needs with the two hot studs that surround him. His muscular and smooth white body is a nice contrast to the other two men. As soon as Scott and Luke whip out their huge cocks Tristan is on his knees feasting. Scott is a buff and blonde stud with massive low hangers and a fat cock that easily fills Tristan's mouth. With Luke on his other side Tristan has more than he can handle. Luke's dick is thick and long and matches his tall muscular build. Tristan chokes and swallows as long as he can manage before the boys take turns filling his ass.
When Steve enters the front of the bar he quickly downs shot after shot of Jack Daniels. As the pain of rejection wanes and the booze takes hold he follows the lead of Scott and Tristan and enters the backroom for a chance at Luke. Luke's dick is still hard after the previous tryst and he's ready for more. Steve stumbles over and onto his knees, servicing Luke's used cock for his own pleasure. When Steve offers up his ass Luke obliges by filling his hairy hole with all 10 inches of his massive pole. When Luke shoots he covers Steve's chest, leaving Steve alone in the sawdust to shoot his load.
When Steve exits the backroom and returns to the bar he is approached by a stranger with an evil streak. Ricky Sinz offers up his services; specifically he promises to get Damien for Steve. Steve agrees with a large dose of skepticism and leaves the bar as Ricky laughs demonically.
Ricky later reappears as a clerk in a video store and convinces Damien to take a look at a specific video.
Later that night as the video plays in the background, Damien and his boyfriend RJ Danvers imitate the video by sucking cock and fucking. RJ loves Damien and worships his cock, running his tongue up and down the massive shaft pausing only to kiss Damien. Once Damien gets RJ bent over the action builds to a heated fuck. Damien takes RJ and his ass in multiple positions, pounding away at RJ's hairy butt hole. As RJ rides up and down Damien's dick he blows his load followed by Damien who covers his lightly haired abs. As the boys recover from orgasm they look up to see Steve getting fucked on screen. Damien is intrigued and then enthralled by the action and RJ is insulted. As RJ stomps out Damien cannot break his stare from the beauty of Steve on screen.
Another random meeting in the locker room and the whole situation has changed. Damien approaches Steve this time and apologizes by putting Steve's dick in his mouth. The oral scene that ensues is full of spit and obsessive passion. Steve and Damien take turns sucking dick until both of them cum. Both men want more. They leave the gym and head to an empty warehouse where they can fuck. Damien takes Steve's ass on a long ride, filling him to the core with all of his massive cock. Steve takes him doggy style and rides him to climax. As the boys part Damien is asking for more attention and Steve is the one who walks away. An off screen evil laugh leads us to a black screen with the words "to be continued."

Format: avi
Duration: 2:25:44
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1171kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.4 GB