Cast: Bastian Lutty, Jess Royan, Sunny Blue
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Condom

Smooth blonde Sunny Blue and tatted, smoldering Bastian Lutty are two of the hottest Euro guys on the Parisian club scene. They’ve agreed to be filmed, making out in a sauna, by sleazy porn legend Jess Royan. Bastian is the shorter of the two. He’s handsome, dark haired, tanned and covered in statement tattoos. Sunny is taller, broader and fairer-haired. He immediately asserts his dominance, kissing Bastian with and aggression. It’s not surprising that Sunny takes control and Bastian falls to his knees when he sees Sunny’s impressive dick, which measures at a whopping 8.5 inches! Jess, who’s filming the encounter, is getting pretty turned on. He approaches the men to get that all-important close-up, but can’t stop himself from getting involved. He drops his track pants, exposing his own thick dick, which Bastian immediately begins to suck. Before long, the three men are engulfed by a frenzy of sexuality. Bottom boy Bastian is passed around like a rag doll, to suck dick until the tears run down his face. But he’s not the only one that uses his tongue—Jess’s soon flickering his over Bastian’s hole. When he’s done, he takes the lollipop he’s been sucking between shots and thrusts it inside Bastian’s ass. Jess eventually replaces the lollipop with his big dick; Bastian grunts as his hole is brutally penetrated. Sunny wants a piece of the action, too, and switches places with Jess before sinking his heavy meat deep into Bastian’s tight ass.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:24
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7754kbps
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