Tanner is a lonely boy looking for a ride home near his southern Florida town on a hot, humid, Summer day. Since he usually gets ignored, Tanner is relieved when a passing motorist offers him a ride right away. And it gets even better. The driver is a young, friendly guy and the two immediately strike up a conversation. Tanner throws caution to the wind when his new friend, Joey, says he is meeting up with a friend and asks Tanner to join them. Tanner can’t believe his luck when he meets Joey’s friend, Mikeal, a cute black guy who seems interested in him. Mikeal really is interested in him, but not as a boyfriend or even a hook up. He wants to own him as his personal slave boy. Before Tanner can say more than “Hi,” Joey smothers him with a -soaked rag. When Tanner awakens less than an hour later, he’s spread-eagled on the ground, his wrists and ankles tied to stakes. He’s completely nude and being groped by Mikeal. Joey is nowhere to be found. “Help!” Tanner screams, struggling to free himself. “Shut-up!” Mikeal yells back, smacking his slave boy violently with the crop. The boy Tanner hoped would be his friend is now his Master.

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