Lucas has been sitting on a wooden stool for hours with his arms strapped to the suspension crane as Master Alec coats his back with searing hot layers of freshly melted wax. “You’re a pathetic little bitch!” Alec taunts, smacking his slave repeatedly with the leather crop. Slave-boy Lucas has finally had enough. He screams loudly as his back is beaten in the same spot, no longer encouraging his Master to beat him harder. Lucas tries to struggle, but his legs are wrapped tightly to the legs of the stool and he can hardly move. Finally, Master Alec rips the binds from his boys legs. Then, without warning, he kicks the stool out from under Lucas, leaving him hanging by his suspended wrists. “Master wait!” Lucas begs, noticing Alec walking away, but Lucas will be left waiting alone in the dungeon for another playdate.

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