Lucas can’t get enough of his Master’s torture. “Please Master, may I have another?” he begs after a painful lash of Master Alec’s whip rips a clothespin from Lucas’s torso. Several more lashes follow as the clothespins are all removed from the boy’s stomach. Now Alec is ready to give his boy some more pain. He wraps Lucas’s legs in plastic wrap, making it nearly impossible for the boy to move. Then, he attaches a heavy weight to the twink slave’s balls as the boy lets out a squeamish whimper. “You disgust me!” Master Alec taunts, using a rope whip to make his boy scream. Another painful lash and Lucas clenches his muscles, moving just enough for the weight around his balls to slip off and hit the floor. It hurts, but his Master is just getting warmed up.

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