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Direct from Great Britain, the award-winning gay adult hit Hard Games from director Christian Marshall features eight incredibly horny guys in five hot scenes. From mega-endowed muscle-bound beauties pounding young guys, to on-the-prowl footballers having sex both rough and romantic, Hard Games is certain to keep you playing until youre fully spent and exhausted. Cover model cutie Dean Monroe makes quite a splash here this film was shot before he became a Falcon Studios model, and wait until you get a gander at buffed to the gills Bryce Goldfinger - all I can say is hubba, hubba! Sadly its the only flick he ever made. If anyone has his cell digits send em my way immediately, please! We totally dug this one. What follows is a scene description to give you a taste.
Hard Games is about guys who like to work hard and build up a sweat outside before letting off steam inside. Super hung muscle stud Bryce both gives and takes, while beautiful young guys Mossine and Johan enjoy a more romantic meet. There is something for everyone here, with super hard Warren giving Rickster a very special rough workout. This is a film about real desire, longing eyes, beautiful toned guys and long lingering kisses... as well as plenty of hard fuck and suck action.
The film begins with Anton sketching in the park as muscle stud Bryce does his morning workout. Anton watches Bryce and on Bryces second circuit he walks over and introduces himself. Very soon Bryce is giving Anton a very special work out in a warehouse apartment overlooking the park.
Youthful Mossine plays football in the park, displaying his expert ball skills. Soon he is watched by sexy and bright-eyed Dean, who spies on him through the fence. Smiles turn to flirting, until they return to the apartment for a soft romantic meet.
Hard and tattooed Warren labors hard on a building site, watched by Rickster. When Rickster walks off through the park he is followed by Warren who catches him under a railway arch, pushing him against the wall kisses him roughly and passionately. The scene that follows is rough and intense, featuring a douche and dildo action.
Bryce pumps his muscles by doing some pull ups in the park, watched by appreciative 19 year-old Ben. Very soon they are back at the apartment where Bryce swaps roles, to take the young guys ten inches. This scene is a duel of the well-endowed as Bryce shows the younger guy the ropes.
Beautiful Finnish model Johan sits in the park reading a book, when Mossine approaches him for a light for his cigarette. Pretty soon both young guys are on the balcony of the nearest flat making out passionately. This leads to a romantic tumble in the bathtub and then hard but romantic fucking. Johans blue eyes will sear through you as he flashes a killer smile to end the film.

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