Release Year: 2023
Studio: GayCest
Cast: Mr Wheeler, Maxx Monroe
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, rimming

It had only been a handful of hours since I arrived to visit my handsome beefy , Mason and his gorgeous Maxx. But just in that short time, Mason let me know that Maxx was more than just his pride and joy he was also his new lover. And what a beautiful lover Maxx was! He had an adorable face with beautiful, pillowy lips. Follow the line of his body and you’ll find a nice perky ass and an equally big dick. After sharing Maxx and his hungry hole with me, my went off to bed for some much needed rest. But Maxx was still awake surely still reeling a bit from his new-found bonding time with us… It also wasn’t lost on me that while my and I were sharing his ’s hole, that big beautiful boy dick hadn't had a chance to shoot its own load. Unlike my Mason, I'm more versatile. I could tell Maxx was curious about playing the role of a top, like his had. He wanted a nice, tight hole wrapped around his cock just like any red young man. I, luckily, am equipped with the necessary experience. With his fast asleep, Max came into my room and asked me what it's like to be inside of a hole. I told him what I like and don't like when bottoming. And if he'd like, I could show him exactly where I should be touched… how hard and fast he needs to move… and how this gets his bottom moaning, whining and begging for more. He seemed a bit perplexed, but that’s okay. Everyone needs guidance in a new role. Naturally, he was excited. What young man wouldn’t be? But I was just as excited to get my lips back on his pouty lips. Our tongues danced for a bit and I removed his shirt. I continued to kiss him deeply, and he returned the gesture in kind. Feeling the intensity, I loved knowing how passionate he and my must be with each other. I matched his glee and I pushed him onto the bed and removed his underwear. His sizable meat was already hardening and I wrapped my lips around the head of it. I slid my mouth all the way down it. It grew bigger in my mouth and tasted sweet and salty. I went back to kissing my again. Loving the taste of his tongue on my own. I asked him what he thought so far. He didn't really need to answer; his smile was affirmation enough. I went back down on his dick and continued to suck it, play with it, and stroke it with my mouth. Even though his cock was my goal this time around, I still wanted to taste that beautiful, furry pink pucker of his. I asked him to turn over and then I dove into his freshly-fucked hole, tongue-first. I let him know that this is exactly what I expected in return from his mouth before he slid his dick inside me. His hole was an absolute pleasure to taste. I loved the way he moaned as I used two of my fingers and my tongue to work him over. Those moans told me that whether it was a dick, a tongue or fingers, his hole loved to be filled. I peeled off my clothes and laid on my back, presenting my hole to him. The confidence with which he walked up and dove face-first into my furry hole let me know that he really didn’t need this lesson; he had already worked out his movements in his imagination but it was fun to give it to him nonetheless. He was definitely a fast learner. The way his tongue danced inside my hole, it wasn't hard to tell that this was one of the many reasons he's my 's pride and joy. We were both rock hard and, soon enough, he looked up and asked if I was ready. Those pink, pouty lips trembled, but his eyes were ablaze with the fire of a hungry top. And me as his bottom? I was definitely ready! He moved up to my eager hole and pointed his twink dick right at its target. He popped the head in and, with little resistance, was able to slide all the way inside me. He was thick—my favorite kind of cock. He started at a slow pace, but soon I could feel him picking up speed. Though a novice, his hips tapped out a masterful rhythm against my hungry hole. He soon took full control and flipped me over. Pride over my ’s burgeoning dominance washed over me as he pounded me doggy-style. He slowed his pace down a little bit, only to push me forward so that I was face down in the sheet, ass-up towards the sky. I could hear his breath becoming more ragged. His cock throbbed inside me as his balls readied to burst. I demanded he blow his load inside me. He moaned loudly as his own thrusts brought him to the edge, and then it was too much for him I could feel him pulse inside me with each spurt of his cum. He pulled out momentarily to see his handiwork, and then slid it back in. He leaned forward to lay on top of me and asked if he did well. And, of course, he did! He had great teachers—and, considering this was the start of my visit, many more lessons awaited him.

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Duration: 16:32
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