Austin had become a bit of a problem. He knew he was quite appealing to some of the bigger students… and even some of the faculty! It was bound to reach Principal Kamp’s attention that he’d been sleeping around. And while the gruff, mature administrator didn't like to meddle in his pupils' affairs, he couldn't ignore Austin’s indiscretions.
Calling him into his office, the older man gave Austin a stern, authoritative stare that sent a chill through the boy’s body. He wasn't used to being in trouble, and Principal Kamp was known for giving students a rude awakening when they needed it. When Kamp confronted him about his activities, Austin just stood silent and blushing, embarrassed that he’d been found out as being an insatiable bottom slut. That wasn't the superlative he was hoping to have on his permanent record.
To his surprise, Principal Kamp didn’t immediately expel him. Instead, he chose an old-fashioned punishment. The German daddy told him to bend over his desk, resting his elbows on the desktop and presenting his ass. Austin went along with the older man’s orders, not wanting to test him or push him to anything extreme.
Austin felt the shock of the man’s hand smacking his backside. It sent a jolt of pain throughout his body, pulsating back to where the palm had made contact. It stung, but slowly it subsided. Then another smack followed. This time there was a bigger sting, building off of the previous pulse of pain

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