Studio: Street Boys
Cast: Denis Reed, Martin Brawer, Daniel Copperfield, Alex Martyn, Mika Gate, Tom Smith, Peer Paulus, Andre Lopes, Lucky Taylor, Gerry Owan, Leo Cooper, Miquel de Sanchuez, Jan Landel
Genres: Bareback Sex, Anal Ejaculation, Sperm Kissing, Sperm Eating, Solo, Duo, Trio, Toy Play, Deep Throat, Monster Dicks
Video language: English

Everything what you wish and what you deserve you will find in that movie. Very erotic.

Scene 1:
What a hot sight to see Peer Paulus and Alex Martyn sitting together…After a timid touching they start right off. Alex sucks Peer’s nipples. Then he takes care of his dick. He blows the juicy cock slowly than quicker with pleasure. He licks Peer’s balls and plays with his own dick. Time for Peer to suck too, so he kneels in front of Alex and takes his prick into his mouth. He sucks his pecker intensively and harder while playing around with Alex’s hole. He licks his sphincter and fingers it. Now that Alex’s hole is wet and ready he’s able to slide his tail into his butt hole. He fucks him nasty and bareback. He plunges his weenie deeper into his ass. Alex screams out of pleasure.Peer is ready to squirt his juice when he pulls out his cock and kneels over Alex’s mouth. He continues to wank his schlong until he jacks off a full load of sperm right into Alex’s mouth who sucks off his pecker with pleasure while starting to jerk off his own cock. Peer wants to taste all of his “proteins”. He lays his head over Alex’s prick when that one squirts his pleasure juice. Totally satisfied, both kiss ferociously and lean back beat.

Scene 2:
Hi my name’s Tom Smith, and I love hot sex games… Tom pulls up his t-shirt slowly and plays with his muscular chest. His licks his armpits and play with his nipples. That excites him so much that you can see a bulge in his pants. He undoes his jeans and grabs in his underwear. Then he unpacks his hard prick and jerks it. He takes his pants completely off and fingers his hole. His rubs it carefully. But he needs to feel something inside of him. As ordered a metal dildo is around. He pulls the metal member slowly then quicker and deeper into his sphincter. You can see his pleasure on his face. He jerks his weenie and pushes the dildo into his hole. He wanks faster until his juice squirts abundantly out of his bell-end. “That was horny” he thinks

Scene 3:
With Denis Reed, Daniel Copperfield and Leo Cooper we’ve got 2 horny studs and one willing mare. The three are sitting on the couch totally excited and think about what wicked thing they could do. Sex – of course, what else. Without wasting time Denis and Daniel pull out their fat schlongs out of the pants and get served orally by Leo. In no time the pricks are hard as rocks. But Leo wants his dick to be sucked too, so Daniel bends down and gives him a deep throat. Then he turns Leo around and plays with his sphincter. He licks his ass and fingers his hole. In the meantime Leo takes care of Denis’ weenie. Leo is totally excited and needs to get fucked finally. No problem thinks Daniel and pulls his fat cock deep into Leo’s hole. He screws him really toughly. Daniel is so excited that he can’t hold himself to squirt inside Leo’s asshole. He pulls out his pecker and his complete load of sperm runs out of Leo’s sphincter.Leo’s still wicked and needs more cock in his hole in order that he shows Denis his ass. Don’t need to repeat him that he shall insert his dick on the spot. He fucks him hard and roughly until the other whines full of relish. In the meantime Daniel’s prick hard again and wants to jack off one again. He stands in front of Leo’s mouth and wanks until he jerks a full load of sperm into his throat. Denis gets so excited by that moment that he’s about to squirt out of his bell-end. He pulls his dong out of Leo’s arse and shoots his load in front of the hole.Finally Leo wants to jerk off. He wanks his prick and shoots his white juice into Daniel’s mouth. He licks it all with pleasure and kisses wildly both of them to finish.

Scene 4:
Yep, having Martin Brawer, the always horny stud as a partner, is not that easy, thinks Gerry Owen too. He intended to read a book in silence, but Martin wants to have sex again. Martin huddles against Gerry like a cat and undoes his pants slowly.He plays with his tongue around his dick. Gerry pretends not being bothered and continues to read his book. Martin gives him a blowjob in order that Gerry becomes really excited. He puts his book aside and takes his pants off. Then he gets served by Martin. That one sucks his pecker hard and roughly. Then Martin opens his pants and kneels above Gerry’s head. He sucks his weenie too. But what he wants most is to lick Martin’s hole and in order to do so he throws him on the couch and puts his tongue into his sphincter. After that he pulls his prick into his ass and slams him like a bitch. Martin screams full of ecstasy when Gerry squirts inside of him. Martin turns around and wanks his dick until his load shoots abundantly. Gerry’s still horny and has a full load of cum to disperse. Therefore he sits on Martin’s mouth to get his prick sucked until he jerks off a final time. This wicked taste of cum makes Martin shoot once more.

Scene 5:
Andre Lopes and Lucky Taylor are 2 guys who know what they want. Without much talking Lucky takes Andre’s t-shirt off and licks his nipples. He opens up his pant and sucks his pecker. He swallows his cock deep in his mouth and licks it, and then he takes his pants off too and brings out his dick. That view excites Andre that much that he starts right away to chew on Lucky’s fat weenie. He plays with his balls and licks his asshole. After that he leans back on the couch and indicates Lucky that he also wants his ass to be licked. Without wasting time he pulls his tongue into his sphincter. He fingers him and inserts his schlong into muscular Andre’s asshole. He screws him roughly and bareback. His movements become faster and harder until his cum squirts inside his hole. He pulls his dick carefully out of Andre’s sphincter. His cum is running out. He licks Andre’s nipples while he jacks off his prick. He wanks himself faster until he squirts a full load of “proteins” out of his bell-end. Lucky licks the whole thing off and masturbates himself one last time. Andre bends over him because he wants to eat his entire load. Lucky’s hand rubs his weenie up and down when he jerks off his juice. Andre savors it on his tongue with pleasure. Exhausted both lean back and think, “well, what an exciting act that was…”

Scene 6:
What kind of exciting thing can we do at three…? That’s what ask themselves Mika Gate, Jan Landel and Miquel de Sanchuez.Well, let’s try it out, so they think. Without wasting time the three have their pants open with their dicks looking out. Mika sucks both jan and Miquel copiously. Both enjoy being pleased orally. But Miquel wants to have something in his mouth too and so Jan him and pulls his prick into his mouth. In the meantime Miquel licks Mika’s asshole. Mika now is hot as hell. He takes a seat on the other armchair and takes his pants off. Miquel kneels down and sucks his schlong. Then he licks his hole and fingers it. But Mika wants more in order that Miquel inserts his big fat cock deep into his sphincter to screw him roughly. As hard as it can get he slams him until he squirts his cum inside Mika’s asshole. Time for Jan to fuck and so he exchanges positions with Miquel in order to continue to fuck Mika. He likes being fucked while he sucks Miquel’s dong until he shoots his load. While Mika is being shagged he jacks his hard dick. He gets faster when he shoots one load of “proteins” into Miquel’s mouth who stands right in front of him.Jan continues to fuck until he pulls his pecker out of Mika’s sphincter to squirt his cum right in front of his asshole.

For all boy and sperm lover a must film in your collection. You will enojy watching it.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:42:47
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 2179kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 2.8 GB