Cast: Xavier ,Ryan Scott ,Tyler Brentz ,Tyler Levine
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I was on a trip to Phoenix, and while I was there I was going to do some shoots. I came across a bunch of guys and thought that it would be a lot of fun to put them all in one scene together and see what would happen. I did, and of those guys I had a mixed bunch in the room. We had Ryan who is a skater, punk style guy that is 18, and just got fired from the waffle house. He has no money and no job, and that is what brings him to us. Xavier is into fast a new car and so he has lots of expenses. Let's face it gas is expensive and Xavier seems like he is the type of guy that does a lot of cruising. Tyler is 20, and he goes to school full time with a part time job. His rent is not cheap and he is always just by to pay for rent. Then we have Tyler, wait we already have a Tyler. That is right in one shoot two Tyler's. Well, I am going to call 18 year old Tyler #2 so that way we don't get him confused, but with a body like his I am sure that no one will. All the guys have heard and even some of them had done a circle jerk in high school. I explained to them that is what we were going to do here today. It became clear to me that it tends to happen; just straight guys don't talk about it out loud or with each other. The guys got undressed and it was like a scene from gym class where everyone was just stripping down. By the time they were down to their boxers I had them all take a seat again to play with themselves. Xavier was the first guy to pull his dick out to jerk off with some more room, and also to take off his boxers. Tyler was the second one to follow, and his underwear hit the floor. I had to ask the rest of the boys to take off the their underwear. I approached Tyler #2 about sucking the other guy's cocks for an extra $100. He told me that he wanted enough to cover rent. So, I said that was a deal and that I would pay him $200 a dick. None of the guys have ever been sucked by another guy. Tyler #2 started with Tyler and worked his way down the line. He told me that the easiest dick for him to suck was Ryan's because it was the smallest. I told them to think of it as their girlfriends giving them head. I had the guys stand up to move over to the bed so that they could make some more money. Then, I had Xavier and Tyler to stop and compare dick sizes. Then, I easily got distracted and had Ryan get in as well, so they could jerk each other off. Tyler #2 was on his knees and started to suck each of their dicks again. Moving over to the bed, they each got on starting from left to right we had Tyler, Xavier, and Ryan. Now, I paid a little extra to have Tyler #2 and Xavier jerk Tyler off until he was going to cum. Tyler came on his nice, smooth, tan stomach with a thick, creamy, load stretching up to his nipple. Xavier was next to follow and his cum load shot out like a cannon. Cum was flying in all directions and Tyler and Ryan were watching where it was going. Tyler #2 climbed in the middle of the boys so that he could blow his load and prove that he had just as much to share. While Tyler #2 was jerking off, Xavier our cameras suddenly turn to Xavier. All of a sudden, you hear a "fuck" out of Xavier and cum goes shooting up to his nipple. Tyler #2 was left out as he was just way too nervous to cum. All the guys did such a great job that I look forward to seeing if we can work more with each of them and fly them down to Florida. Who knows maybe we can get these guys to do something more next time.

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