Studio: Falcon

Ya got to know when to hold em and know when when to fold em...
Aint nothing like a good hand of strip poker between good buddies. The stakes are high...the Jokers wild...and the payoff cant be beat!
Starring superstud Trent Black and Falcon exclusive Colby Taylor! Plus the return of Falcon favorite Tom Steele! Featuring Sky Thompson, James West and Jordan West. Plus Rick Cassidy, Logan Cox and Tony Scalia.
James West enters the mens room and spots Tony Scalia. The two men cruise each other and the action begins. They mankiss passionately as Tony grabs James bulging crotch before diving for his cock to suck it down hard. Then he starts to eat out his asshole, tonguing the crack and licking it it with fervor. Stripped down to his jockstrap, Tony bends over so James can shove his pole up his hole. The horny stud pumps Tony so fierce he has to brace himself against the wall, taking each thrust like the sex fiend he is. Tony is dripping with sweat as James continues to fuck him and his grunts punctuate the action. Finally James finishes and rewards his partner with heavy spurts of cum.
Tom Steele looks down at the hot barroom action where Jordan West has both Trent Black and Rick Cassidy on the bar with dicks out so he can suck them off. Then he rims their assholes after they piggy-back and shove their butts in his face. Jordan is in hog heaven as he tongues their cracks, savoring their musky maleness. Tom watches with keen interest as he starts to play with himself. Rick next stuffs his poker into Jordans mouth while Trent drills him from behind. The action intensifies and the trio continues to fuck and suck in different configurations until all three finally reach orgasm and shoot their wads. And from his vantage point above, Tom jerks his big cock harder and harder until he showers the young studs below with his voluminous load.
Logan Cox and Sky Thompson are two sexpigs who suck and fuck like pros. Sheer animal magnetism and intense sexual energy leap off them as they gyrate around each other. Sky lovingly works on Logans uncut cock, nibbling and teasing the tasty foreskin and dipping his tongue inside the folds. And Logan returns the favor by feasting on Skys hard fat cock. The two studs run their mouths and hands over each others muscled bodies, sucking and stroking tender male flesh. Logan presses his smooth tight body against Skys furry chest and ass and they nimbly wind and wrap themselves all over each other, with their sexual prowess. The action runs hot, passionate and real until Logan and Sky finally unload, collapsing sweaty and spent in each others hot embrace.
Losing the last round of strip poker, Colby Taylor strips down to his shorts revealing his huge cock. His poker buddies follow his lead and the real play begins. James West goes straight for Colbys cock, swallowing the enormous rod down his throat; Sky Thompson settles his mouth onto James prick to suck him off; and Tom Steele quickly joins in. The foursome busily work on one another before they change partners and go from sucking to fucking; each of them finding a winning hand with one another. Tom fills Sky with his thick cock buried deep im his ass. Then he fucks James as Sky is sucking him off. Colby takes up the rear to plow Sky. This happy quartet grows with their intense game of Four Card Stud. Asses high!?Pay the dealer! Hit me! One by one they let go and shoot their loads...making this the best deal in town!

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Duration: 1:50:31
Video: 706x480, AVC (H.264), 1996kbps
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