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The ward mission leader catches Elder Stewart having sex with Angel.
Baby-faced Elder Stewart and his hot, hung investigator Angel go on splits one day, but instead of proselyting, they decide to head back to the apartment for a quick fuck. What they dont know is that their landlord Clark, who also happens to be the ward mission leader, is in the missionary apartment, waiting to talk to the boys about their investigators.
As Clark waits for the missionaries to come home, he browses the scriptures. But his mind wanders. He cant stop fantasizing about Elder Stewart. He wonders what it would feel like to suck the boys dick or to slide his own dick up the boys tight butthole. His hand settles on his hard dick, and he squeezes it through his pants. Young Clark was a missionary himself just a few years ago, and he used to daydream about fucking the other missionaries, though he never got the chance. So when his bishop called him as ward mission leader, he jumped at the opportunity to be close to the sexy young Mormon men serving in his ward.
He hears voices on the stairs and hes embarrassed to be sitting in their apartment with an obvious erection, so he partly closes the door and decides to wait out his boner before making his presence known. But instead of two missionaries, he sees Elder Stewart has brought home a hunky guy covered in tattoos who definitely doesnt look like a missionary.
Clark spies on them as they move to the couch and Angel pushes the boy down, kisses him and starts to undress him.
Clark cant believe his luck. Its as though his fantasies are finally coming true right before his eyes. He gropes his dick, which is throbbing and now, and pictures sliding it into the boys willing mouth. He can barely contain his excitement as Angel takes off the boys shirt, and then pulls of his pants. Elder Stewart is wearing a onesie, which makes him look even younger than he is. Watching him blush as the confident older man has his way with him is so hot that Clark slips his hand into his pants and grabs his balls. He wants to spray his cum on the boys face. As Angel pulls off Elder Stewarts garments, Clark can see the boys flushed neck, his rock hard nipples, and his flat belly. Angel massages the boys big cock through the garments and then slides them right off. The boys cock flops out and Clark gasps.
Angel chews on the boys nipples while he strokes his dick, and Clark pulls out his phone. He has to have video of this to jerk off to later, again and again. He starts recording the two, trying to hold the camera steady but shaking a little with excitement. Elder Stewart fondles Angels huge dick. Hes glad to have the man to himself this time, and not to have to share the attention with his companion. Angel slips out of his briefs and Elder Stewart hungrily kisses him. He puts Angels cock in his mouth, but in a second Angel repositions the missionary on the floor, climbs on top, and face fucks him. Clark has a perfect view of Angels dick, the biggest dick he has ever seen. Elder Stewart sucks on Angels nuts while Angel strokes his dick, getting it good and hard so he can fuck the boy senseless.
Clarks balls are aching to see the boy get fucked. Hes totally breathless as Angel lifts Elder Stewarts leg in the air and without warming him up at all slides his huge dong right up the boys ass. Elder Stewart grimaces from the pain, but hes so horny that his ass swallows the huge dick right up. Angel rocks back and forth, his big round butt pounding away at Elder Stewarts hungry hole. Elder Stewart strokes his cock and closes his eyes. He feels as though the dick is going all the way up into his belly. Clark cant resist any longer, and he slides his hard dick and his nuts out of his pants. He strokes as he watches, ready to bust a nut whenever they do.
Angel loves looking at Elder Stewarts face, but when he wants to cum he flips the boy over and fucks him from behind. He can tell from the boys moans that his dick is in really deep, hitting the boy in just the right spot. He pounds the kid brutally. Clark can see Angels dick working at the boys ass, and the boy stroking his big pink dick. It takes all of his will power not to spray his load. He wants to cum at the same time as Angel.
Angel loves the way his dick feels with the boys ass wrapped tight around it. As he feels the pressure building in his balls, he fucks the boy faster and harder. The boy is gasping, his face pressed into the couch, but Angel ignores it. His nuts slap the boys ass, and the head of his dick is throbbing deep in the boys pink ass. He pulls out quickly and looks down at the boys gaping, wet hole. He shudders as he shoots a huge white load of cum into the boys asshole, then slides his cock back in and fucks the cum in deep as a trail of semen slides down the boys nuts. He fucks the kid so hard Elder Stewart thinks he might break in half. And then he freezes with his dick all the way in and kisses the boy on the ear.
Of course, Clark has made a huge mess in the other room by now!

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