Studio: Missionary Boys

Bishop Thirio has been thoroughly impressed with Elder Abarths ability to recruit new boys. Since theyve set out on their quest to find supple, bright-eyed young men in the neighborhoods surrounding the mission, the boy has proven to be an overwhelmingly adept. With his sly good looks and innocent charm, hes able to lure any young man to the priests house with no problem. All he needs to do is wink and add some subtle suggestions to his interaction, and within minutes, prospective missionary boys are hooked. But the recruitment is only the first part of the process. Bishop Thirio is essential to helping the boy take the next step. Today, Abarth brings back a new boy, Proctor, to Bishop Thirios house. The boy is interested in joining the mission and learning how to give his life up to a higher cause. Bishop Thirio is more than happy to take the young man under his wing. Especially since hes such a handsome guy. With his blonde hair and strong jaw, he almost makes the Bishop melt. But as always, the strong man maintains his steely exterior and carries out his duties without being knocked off balance by Proctors allure. Abarth and Thirio surround the boy on both sides, flooding his senses with arousing touch. They run their hands up and down the boys body, and soon the recruit is sharing the Bishops cock with his newest friend. They suck and bob together, worshipping the chiseled mans thick, veiny member. Then, Proctor offers his virgin asshole to the priest. The religious man stretches his sphincter with his bulging rod and brings him to the edge of orgasmic bliss. Then, he allows the recruit to spurt his load everywhere. Fresh faces are always welcome at the mission.

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