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Starting with some flickering kisses on the couch, Dillinger and Shane were stiff with each other within seconds. And the noises of their wet mouths made me rigid in seconds right next to them. They took off their shirts and showed off their beautiful, hairy, tattooed, pierced, milky skin. They stroked each others crotches, steadying their already hard penises just below the surface of their trousers. Shane released Dillingers cock first, putting it in his mouth and slowly, satisfyingly sucking. Dillingers red pubes and chest hair looked radiant and on fire against Shanes brunette beard. They kissed more, Dillinger savoring his schlong on Shanes lips.
Shane released his crossbow and both boys stepped out of their briefs. Fully naked and on display, they stroked their stiff cocks and fondled each others balls and buttocks. Dillinger dropped to his knees and attended to Shane orally. His tongue dipped delicately but devotedly into Shanes hairy hole, worshipping him and making love to him with his mustachioed mouth. His moans made me throb and when Shane threw his leg in the air, Dillinger entered fully with his talented tongue. Shanes hard cock and big balls felt the heat of Dillingers mouth next as he fell on his hanging backside. The soft, heavy breaths were driving me crazy!
Dillinger played with Shanes hole with his cock, sliding a little inside. Shane needed a little more reading, so his attentive co-actor ate his ass in the puppy before a further attempt. Now wetter and ready, Shanes sweet ass opened for Dillinger to deliver his cock. They lubed up with spunk and Dillinger shoved his beautiful pink saddleless cock inside Shanes pink hole. It was a perfect fit and they both gasped in . He fucked him on the edge of the couch in an impressive display of pure boner.

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