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Young Connors getting quite a name for himself in these parts! The tall, nerdy-looking redhead has been studying at a local college for about a year now. Some of the locals know him as a masseur who isnt afraid to go the extra mile for his clients. Others know him as a horny pizza delivery guy wholl very happily take someones butt instead of a tip! The guys at the pizza restaurant cant work out why hes requested by name so often!
Riley lives across town from the pizza restaurant, but a recent hook-up told him about a hung, cute, ginger delivery guy who worked there. The guys name was Connor and hed apparently had sex with quite a few of the older men to whom hed delivered pizzas! The idea excited Riley more than it probably should have. Skinny ginger twinks have always gone straight to the front of his particular queue, so he took himself off to the restaurant one night to see if he could catch a glimpse of the legendary pizza boy.
He didnt have to hang about outside for long. Connor emerged from the restaurant within minutes and Riley was able to get a good look at him. Connor was almost exactly his type. He liked the fact that he looked a bit geeky. He liked it even more that you could tell he was hung just by looking at the bulge in his pants!
Riley headed home, and ordered pizza every night for the next five days, feeling increasingly disappointed when seemingly every other pizza boy in town arrived at his door!

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