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My name is Connor. Im twenty years old and Im a masseur. I wont always be a masseur. I dont really know what I wanna do instead, but while Im at college, there are certainly worse ways to make a few extra dollars.
I like giving pleasure to guys. In fact, it gives me quite a rush! Its a power thing, I think. I was always a weedy, dweeby kid. My dad used to say I looked like a ginger pole! Bigger guys never really looked at me or gave me the time of day! But when I started the massages, I realized I could get these burly, older, masculine dudes moaning and whimpering! And since I always had a thing for guys like that, it always got me kinda hard! Not only that, its amazing how often they get hard themselves!
Im talking about straight, married men! I always know the ones who are gonna get frisky. They blush when I open the door and cant quite look me in the eye. Then, when theyre relaxed, and lying safely on their front, they get a bit handsy!
Theyre all subtle at first, you know, testing the waters. But if theyre hot, Ill certainly play along. I make sure I push my leg against their hand or thigh as Im working on their back. I dont bother with underwear, so, when I get hard, my soccer shorts start tenting big time. And if theyre lucky, I might let the bulge brush against themÂ… Then I take it from there. Sometimes I take it all the way.

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