Release Year: 2019
Studio: FunSize

It can be hard to stay awake after a passionate afternoon of fucking, but as tired as Mr. Houser may be, his boy Cole has more energy than he can handle! The horny young stud lays in bed with his old man, cuddled up beside him as he reads over the contents of their welcome packet. Intrigued by what had already transpired, he reads ahead to see what more is in store.
Cole rests his head on the older man’s shoulder, playing with his chest through his open robe. Mr. Houser’s broad torso and soft, silver hairs give the boy’s hands plenty to explore while seeking the ’s attention.
Mr. Houser soon finds himself more than a little distracted by Cole’s subtle advances, feeling his hard cock press against his leg as his hands work their way further down his body. He smiles at the thought of seeing his precocious boy becoming more comfortable lying skin to skin with him, overwhelmed by the beautiful new bond they now shared.
Cole loves his old man dearly and trusts him with his life, but all he wants now is another turn on his thick, hairy baby maker! Mr. Houser spreads his legs apart to give his boy the go-ahead to play with his cock, inviting him to take it out of his jock strap and give it a taste. As Cole holds the thick member in his hand and brings it to his beautiful mouth, Mr. Houser can’t help but wonder if Cole can taste his ass from the pounding it had endured just hours before.
Mr. Houser teases the boy’s cock, feeling it stiffen in his grip, dripping with pre-cum, and desperate to unload. Cole’s moans are symphonic, filling the room with a pleasant music that Mr. Houser could listen to all night. Were it not for Cole repeatedly filling his face with the older man’s cock, muffling his sweet sounds, he would gladly play him like an instrument.
As Cole’s mouth wraps around his cock, getting it wet and warm from his tongue; Mr. Houser’s thoughts return to the boy’s perfect, athletic ass. He, too, wants to return there. Eager to feel his boy yield to his manhood and embrace his breeding thrusts, he fingers his hole, still a little tender from before.
His sweet and strong boy, able to take him dutifully, again and again. It might be hard, but he knows he needs to feel himself inside his beautiful young man again. It can’t be helped — he has to seed him once more…

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:45
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4840kbps
Audio: 160kbps

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