There was a little bit of genuine chemistry, at least during the kissing. I think Orlando must be a really good kisser, and when he goes to take his pants off, he keeps his eyes right on Jasper.
Now Jasper, he had just broke up with his girlfriend, and was a little sad and hadn't had sex in weeks. Didn't even feel like jacking off that whole time.
Uh oh.
I said to him, "Haven't you accidentally cum too soon before?"
To which he replied, "I will be fine, that was when I was getting fucked. I'm topping the whole time right?"
Ok we should be fine, I thought.
But a couple weeks is a long time to go without nutting when you are his age.
I set them upon each other, and the two kiss enthusiastically and trade blow jobs. Orlando sure can suck cock with the best of them.

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